Beijing Language and Culture University – Finding Your Way Aro

Among the many things I wished I had put together when I decided on BLCU was a more suitable map of campus along with the area surrounding BLCU. Anytime arriving on campus, it may be nice to in fact know where you must go to get hold of things done considering that the process of really getting anything carried out takes AGES occasionally.

This article is dedicated to some basic things It is my opinion would have been a good choice for those new to BLCU along with the Wudaokou area.

For a start I need for a quick please note: Please keep as their intended purpose that this post is dependent on my experience of studying to be a student at BLCU throughout September 2007 towards January 2008, there does exist constant construction available in Beijing and buildings may very well be constructed or fade overnight!

The map of which BLCU sends out and about to students is actually correct but it can be very easy that will misinterpret because a few buildings are out from shape, out for proportion, and you have no concept where to get those basic supplies!

Basic understanding BLCU:

BLCU = Yuyan Daxue
Some locals and additionally students might telephone it “Beiyu” but it’s not at all as common.
Beida = Beijing Collage. This is DEFINITELY NOT Beijing Normal as well as another university with ‘Beijing’ to be had.
Ditie Daxue is certainly opposite BLCU.
Wudaokou is definitely area buzzing by means of shops, restaurants, music, apartments, and basically flourishes with the many many students in the community. Considered the ‘University Area’ given that it’s near Beida, Tsinghua together with BLCU.

One that is useful things to find out is the a pair of road names which BLCU is: “Chengfu Lu” together with “Xueyuan Lu”. This comes in handy when drunk off your mind from another particular date at Sunlitun (or Propaganda) therefore you were unlucky enough to choose the one taxi car owner who doesn’t discover where “Yuyan Daxue” is actually.

I’ve made a handful of maps which identify key areas.

Earth-friendly Lines: Outlines a BLCU campus
Pink Dots: The main gates that you choose to enter or get away from the campus
Blue Lines: The main avenues which BLCU is on
OrangeDots: Indicate to find an ATM or possibly Bank
Blue Dots: The more significant buildings you want to know on a person’s first day about arrival

It’s pretty essential to know places to go to locate help, the loan provider and ATMs, the online market place for your dorm living room, food, shopping etcetera. It’s not at the same time difficult though, I just stumbled across places or simply a classmate would alright know, and the toughest case scenario can be to just ask to get directions.

BLCU Campus Road: SelinaLai. com []

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